Surge protection device, also called lightning protection device. It is used on 220V/380V(50/ 60HZ) power system.It is usually installed in domestic dwellings or industrial field to avoid indirect lightning and direct lightning damage. When a spike current or a voltage is suddenly generated in an electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge protection device can conduct the shunt in a very short time, thereby avoiding the damage of other equipment in the circuit.


1.The structure is compact & convenient, with 35mm din rail.
2. Reliable thermal trip protection devices
3. Unique short circuit & over current tripping function
4. The response time is less than 25 ns, and the limiting voltage is accurate.
5. Large flow rate, low residual pressure level and small insertion loss.
6. Clear indication, green (normal), red (fault)
7. Rigorous structure, stable & reliable performance.
8. Additional function: remote indication available.


Technical Specification


The SPD is installed on 35mm din rail. It is installed indoors,near the distribution box or the entry of the power cable. It is installed in front of the protected equipment, the SPD should be connected to the line of the distribution box. The earth line of SPD should be connected with the (PE) earth terminal of the distribution box, and the grounding terminal plate of the surge protector should be connected with the equipotential grounding terminal board of the lightning protection area where the surge protector is located. The length of (SPD) wire should not exceed 0.5m.

The installation of SPD is better to use Kevin wiring method. When using direct parallel connection, the total length of line should be within 0.5m to shorten the lightning current path as far as possible.

The wire shall use copper conductor insulation wire with Cross-sectional area more than 6mm².

A remote alarm is available.

The input wire (from the power source) is connected to the input terminal of the SPD, and the grounding wire of the SPD is reliably connected to the grounding row of the lightning protection system, and the connection wire (including grounding wire) is as short as possible.

After the wiring of the product is completed, checking the wiring.

Notes: All surge protection devices must be effectively grounded.