At Shayla Electrical we offer to meet the ever changing requirements and designs of the modern electrical consumer unit installation, Shayla Electrical can now offer a service to the electrical contractor for all our Danson range of products, for 5 boards minimum quantity, Our consumer units can be modified and assembled to the electrical contractors own particular specification.

The level of configuration may vary from a basic pre-populated assembly of outgoing protective devices MCBs, RCBOs into the units with personalised labelling, to the complete configuration and wiring of additional devices within the consumer unit.

The Shayla Electrical custom built service can save time on site, reduce labour costs, and help achieve early completion & ultimately save money for the electrical contractor of these consumer units.

Step 1 Call the Shayla Electrical Sales Services Team on 023 8114 0059 or email
Step 2 Discuss the details of your project and Consumer Unit requirements with a member of the Shayla Electrical Sales Services Team
Step 3 Within one working day you will have a response to your initial enquiry
Step 4 Confirm the configuration and quantities (only +5 boards)
Step 5 Shayla Electrical will issue a quotation
Step 6 Contractor places order with Wholesaler
Step 7 Your order will be delivered to the wholesaler of your choice. All the Consumer Units will be fully assembled and ready for installation
Step 8 Shayla Electrical Sales Service Team will follow up with a satisfaction call